Five ways a landscaped garden adds value to your home

Single fronted house with landscaped front garden by Petstra Gardens

A new landscaping project requires a significant budget, but it is worth remembering it’s also an investment into your most significant asset, your home.

Whether you are planning to sell soon or in the distant future, there will come a time when potential buyers will tour your indoor and outdoor spaces, and what they see can affect the purchase price by up to 20%, according to real estate experts.

Here are five ways a professionally landscaped garden will add value:

1. Street appeal

First impressions are crucial, and a well-planned, visually appealing front yard is sure to impress. From the fencing, driveway and pathways to featured trees and other plant choices, your front garden needs to add the wow-factor. Conversely, issues such as cracked paving, disjointed design, falling-down fences and overgrown or dying lawn and plants will detract from your home’s appeal and value.

2. Create new spaces

Often there is an underused or unsightly corner of the garden that can be transformed by skillful landscaping. For example a beautiful reading nook or a productive vertical garden can be created out of a very small space to give maximum impact and impress would-be buyers. There are also ways to screen bin areas, carports or other spaces that might otherwise detract from the garden vista.

3. Outdoor living

Even with Melbourne’s unpredictable weather there are many ways to create functional and beautiful outdoor spaces in which to relax and entertain. For example a stylish deck, a paved sunken lounge area or a welcoming firepit will all add value to your home and create spaces to enjoy now with friends and family.

4. Screen out the neighbours 

A lack of privacy is a big turn-off for buyers, so pay attention to screening at the borders of your property. Your landscape garden professional can advise on the best trees and shrubs to use, or perhaps a new wall, fence or trellis is needed. A vertical garden is another option to create a green screen that will add privacy and a beautiful outlook.

5. Views from indoors 

This leads to our fifth tip – landscaping can create a beautiful outlook from every room to enhance the indoor as well as the outdoor experience. For example, rather than a bedroom window that looks out to a plain boundary fence, you could create a charming vista with a trellised plant or hanging garden. Cleverly landscaped front, back, or side areas – as well as any light wells or interior courtyards – will all create views from every room.

For most people, their home is their biggest asset so it makes sense to have a garden that is not only pleasing to the eye, but will also add value. Talk to us about making the most of your investment and creating an urban oasis, whether your mind is on selling now or enjoying for many years to come.

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