Vertical Garden Design in Melbourne

At Petstra Gardens, we specialise in creating stunning vertical gardens that elevate the beauty of your outdoor space, while only taking up a small footprint.

A green wall is a great way to grow herbs and vegies, or simply display a striking living sculpture.

There are several ways to build a vertical garden and care should be taken when it comes to drainage and watering.

Over the years, we have experimented with many different systems and have found only a few we recommend in terms of practicality and maintenance.

If you’d like to add more garden space to your home, contact our expert team today and discuss our vertical garden services.

Skilled & experienced

Our team of qualified professionals takes pride in delivering vertical garden services that bring your garden to new aesthetic heights.

Quality Workmanship

With an emphasis on efficiency without compromising quality, we take responsibility for the quality of our vertical garden design and implementation, and carefully select the best materials for the job.

Local team

Petstra Gardens is a member of the Master Builders Association of Victoria, the MBAV. Our vertical garden design team are all located in Melbourne, Victoria.

Our Vertical Gardens

Landscape & Garden Design

When you are ready to spend time and money on creating your new garden, your best investment is starting with a professional landscape plan.

Landscape Construction

We are a team of experienced and qualified landscapers who specialise in building your outdoor space from start to finish.

Plants and Pots

New service coming soon – a bespoke potted plant service to add a pop of colour or greenery to suit terraces, balconies, decking, or anywhere you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step to building a vertical garden is determining what you’re looking for, and where it will be installed. Are you just looking for a decorative garden wall? Or would you like a functional herb garden? Perhaps both? 

Depending on what you’re after, you may need to consider factors such as sunlight exposure, access to water sources, and other structural considerations.

Once what you would like, the plants that will be used, and how large the garden will be, we can provide a quote for your vertical garden.

If you’d like to give us a better understanding of what you’re looking for, simply email us at and we can walk you through our process and costs.

Regardless of the specifics of your garden, there are some cost factors which are present in any vertical garden build. They are: 

  • The vertical garden system
  • Plants and materials
  • Installation and construction
  • Location and site preparation
  • Ongoing maintenance.


If you are thinking of adding more garden space to your home, you can contact us at for more information about how to get started.

The beauty of vertical gardens is that you can make the most of your existing space while only taking up a small footprint.

Vertical gardens are ideal for those with a smaller garden or backyard area, as they can be designed to fit in compact spaces such as balconies or patios, and even in indoor areas.

Upon completion of your new outdoor space, we will continue to provide on site support and advice for a period of six weeks – thereafter we happily assist whenever needed.

We can design a garden that needs minimal maintenance, but we do not do ongoing gardening work such as weeding, lawn mowing or pruning. We are happy to recommend a service in your area.