Landscape & Garden Design in Melbourne

“A good garden starts with a good plan.” 

At Petstra Gardens, we understand that a successful garden makeover relies on a thoughtful design. 

When you’re ready to invest in creating your new garden, the first step is to have a professional garden design drawn up, factoring in the size and environment of your existing space. This design is the foundation that sets the stage for your outdoor space transformation.

From there, our dedicated Melbourne team of landscape gardeners work diligently to bring your garden design vision to life. 

From initial consultation to final implementation, we are committed to delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Skilled & experienced

Our team of qualified landscape gardeners takes immense pride in providing high-quality workmanship that stands the test of time.

Quality Workmanship

With an unwavering emphasis on efficiency without compromising on quality, we take great responsibility for the exceptional results we deliver.

Local team

Petstra Gardens is a member of the Master Builders Association of Victoria (MBAV). Our highly qualified landscape gardeners are all located in Melbourne, Victoria.

Our service consists
of the following

We visit your site to get a thorough idea of the ‘lay of the land’. One of our Melbourne garden designers will take levels, measurements and photos and identify which services are required.

In the case of a new home build that’s under construction, we can use building drawings.

The result is a professionally-designed floor plan that we use for the next stages.

The site inspection is followed by a briefing session, either online or face to face, during which you’ll tell us about your intentions with the space.

This includes your needs and wants, must haves, likes, dislikes, colours, materials and garden styles you like. This process helps to paint us a picture of the garden landscape that you envisage living in.

An important part of the brief is a budget indication; the cost of garden landscaping, construction and softscaping are determined by the type of materials, the amount of work, the size of the plants and so on. 

From there, we head to the drawing board.

After stages 1 & 2, we’ll start drawing some concepts with simple but effective layouts of the hardscape elements to visualise how you would interact with the space.

Based on your feedback, we’ll refine the concept and begin working on the softscape elements.

Sun, shade, rainfall, drainage and existing vegetation can all impact the choice for new plants in your garden landscape design.

We take into account how much gardening you’re willing to do, and suggest the plants that are most suitable for your garden and your lifestyle.

Once you have chosen the plants you like, we’ll begin the final stage of the process.

This final plan is provided in softcopy (PDF) and contains a fully detailed garden landscape plan with materials, including a list of plants, pot sizes and quantities.

Remember, a well-designed garden adds value to your life and your property!

Remember, a well-designed garden adds value to your life and your property!

More Services

Landscape Construction

We are a team of experienced and qualified landscapers who specialise in building your outdoor space from start to finish.

Vertical Garden

When outdoor space is tight, a cleverly-designed vertical garden will add metres of leafy garden space, while using only a small footprint.

Plants and Pots

New service coming soon – a bespoke potted plant service to add a pop of colour or greenery to suit terraces, balconies, decking, or anywhere you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a garden is a consultative process so the first step is to consider what you want from your garden and come up with a landscape plan. 

We can assist with a simple concept plan that shows the flow between the different spaces and their dimensions including plant selections, or we work according to a detailed design that you or your landscape designer/architect provides us with.

A mood board or collection of images you like can also assist us in selecting colours, textures, types of plants and the structure of your garden.

A landscaped garden often costs more than you may expect, so work out your priorities and ‘must-haves’. With these ideas plus your plan, we can issue a clear, detailed quotation or a detailed estimate and scope of works prior to starting. All invoicing is done in stages.

There are a lot of costs to factor in when planning your landscape, such as:

• design & structural drawings
• building permits (if required)
• cartage and tipping fees
• contractors
• materials & supplies
• plants – remember, established plants cost more, but give instant effect
• ongoing maintenance costs.

There are many levers we can pull to bring the cost of a new garden into budget, for example by adjusting material choices and plant sizes, or by staging works in such a way that expenses are spread out over time.

Whether your land size is large or small, a new landscape garden should make the best use of your space. You may have an under-used corner or side area that can be turned into a productive garden, or a space to relax and unwind. Vertical gardens also have a dramatic effect within a compact footprint.

Upon completion of your new outdoor space, we will continue to provide on site support and advice for a period of six weeks – thereafter we happily assist whenever needed.

We can design a garden that needs minimal maintenance, but we do not do ongoing gardening work such as weeding, lawn mowing or pruning. We are happy to recommend a service in your area.