Bring walls to life with a vertical garden

Vertical garden 3

Vertical gardens are a growing trend (excuse the pun!) and can bring an otherwise dead space to life. When done properly they are easy to maintain and become a living sculpture or even a productive garden.  

The term ‘vertical garden’ can mean many things, but here we are considering modular systems that can be fixed to a wall and feature an array of potted plants from succulents, ferns or flowers to herbs and vegetables.


People love vertical gardens because they elevate the beauty of any outdoor space, while only taking up a small footprint. They are also an energy-efficient way to keep your garden cool during the summer and provide year-round beauty.

These living walls can even improve the air quality in urban areas by filtering harmful toxins and pollutants, meaning they are beneficial for the environment. 

What to consider

There are several ways to build a vertical garden and care should be taken when it comes to drainage and watering. Over the years, we have experimented with many different systems and have narrowed it down to only a few that we recommend to clients.

There is quite a bit of science involved in working out the best position for the plants you wish to grow – or else selecting the plants that best suit the position you have earmarked for your vertical garden. Things to consider are the amount of light and whether it is direct or filtered, accessibility for pruning and fertilising, site drainage, and the load-bearing ability of the wall or fence.

Beware the influencers

It’s fair to say that vertical gardening is all over social media, with many celebrities and interior designers promoting the trend. But it is sometimes not as straightforward to implement yourself as the influences might imply. When done correctly by professional landscape designers the effect is stunning, but if using a DIY system that doesn’t take into account plant species choice or site requirements, the end result can be very disappointing.

Create yours now

At Petstra we have years of experience in vertical gardens and can help you avoid costly mistakes. We specialise in designing and building stunning vertical gardens to bring any space to life. Contact us to create the best vertical garden for you and your family, whether you’re after a green oasis, or delicious herbs and vegetables ready to enjoy every day.

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