Why use an expert to landscape your garden?

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You’re ready to create a new garden masterpiece – but what’s the best approach? 

Although it may be tempting to tackle the job yourself, hiring a professional can actually save you money and it will definitely save you time, effort and heartache! 


Qualified landscape designers are able to cast an expert and experienced eye over your site – it’s soil, slope and dimensions – to assess any limitations and opportunities you may have in creating the ultimate backyard paradise. 

You may have some great ideas for your space, but not the expertise to know if your dream is actually workable – and if you jump in and start yourself, you may find out the hard way! Mistakes can be costly and so are unnecessary purchases, and in the worst case you may need professional help anyway to rectify the damage. 


Better to start with a professionally-designed plan that takes everything into account and provides a working budget for the project, so there are no unwelcome surprises. An expert can also help you choose between your must-haves and your ‘nice to haves’, in order to keep the costs down.


Being in the industry means that your landscaper has connections and access to any other services that may be required, such as builders, electricians or plumbers, and can manage them within budget as part of the project. This saves you a lot of time wrangling what can seem like an army of tradies.


As well as a proper plan of the structure of your garden, a professional with horticultural qualifications is also able to recommend the best plants to use, taking into account ongoing maintenance and the time you are prepared to put into your garden moving forward. They will also have suggestions for options you may never have thought of…

At Petstra Gardens we have helped many people over the years to create their own patch of paradise on sites of all shapes and sizes, and we’d love you to join our happy family of clients in 2024. Remember you’ll need to allow time for your dream garden to come to life, so if you would like it ready to enjoy by Spring, you’ll need to email us now to join our waitlist.

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