Melbourne Vertical Gardens

Consultation Valued at $600

Consultation Valued at $600

Bring Your Vertical Garden to Life

Outdoor space is valuable living space and with a vertical garden you can add meters of garden space on a small footprint! 

So why not elevate the beauty of your outdoor space and turn that empty wall into a living sculpture?

A living green wall is a great way to grow herbs and veggies or provide a stunning display of a living sculpture.

Our Expertise

Petstra Gardens are a small team of seasoned landscapers with great experience dedicated to building beautiful vertical gardens, that combined with our horticultural expertise and passion for plants, result in great gardens

We offer a full service of vertical garden design, supply of materials and installation, including plant selections suited to your situation, resulting in stunning living green walls.

So if you are thinking of adding more garden space to your home with a vertical garden, then be sure to contact us!

Skilled & experienced

Our team of qualified professionals takes pride in providing high quality workmanship that stands the test of time.

Quality Workmanship

With an emphasis on efficiency without compromising quality, we take responsibility for the quality of our workmanship and carefully select the best materials for the job.

Local team

Petstra Gardens is a member of the Master Builders Association of Victoria, the MBAV. Our team are all located in Victoria.

Our Vertical Gardens

Consultation Valued at $600

Consultation Valued at $600

What Our Customer Say

Let's bring your dream vertical garden to life!

Consultation Valued at $600

Consultation Valued at $600