How we Work

What to expect from us?

We build under a banner of a proud family name, so we take pride in our workmanship by using proper construction techniques and materials and supplies that are fit for purpose and obtained from reputable businesses.

We love efficiencies but we do not take shortcuts.

We will engage with you in a friendly and consultative way with the absolute aim to build you the best garden possible.

We will issue you with a clear, detailed quotation or a detailed estimate and scope of works prior to starting works. All invoicing is done in stages.

Upon completion of your new outdoor space, we will continue to provide support and advice for a period of 6 weeks.

What we expect from you.

To make sure we meet your expectations, we need to understand what is involved. That is why we always work of a landscape plan. A landscape plan provides us with a scope of works so we can establish the cost of labour and materials and supplies and issue a cost estimate or quotation.

Step 1. Have a plan.

Make sure that you have a good idea of what it is that you want from your garden.

Whether it is a simple sketch with accurate measurements or an architectural designed master plan – it helps us managing your expectations and avoids expensive hindsight conclusions.
With a plan in hand, we can estimate or quote accurately.

We can assist with a simple concept plan that shows the flow between the different spaces and their dimensions and plant areas or we work according to a detailed design that you or landscape designer/architect provide us with.

We can assist with a simple concept plan that shows the flow between the different spaces and their dimensions and plant areas.  And we assist with plant choices too, making sure that the plants you like get planted in the right spot.

Step 2. Set a Budget.

A landscaped garden often costs more than you’d think so having an idea of where your priorities lie will help tune in on your immediate needs followed by your ‘wants’ and ending with your ‘likes’.

There are a lot of cost to factor in when planning your landscape: design and -if required- building-permit related cost (working and structural drawings), type of materials, the level of instant effect you want with plants and the ongoing maintenance cost.

However, often there are many levers that can be adjusted to bring the cost of a new garden into budget by adjusting material choices, plant sizes or by staging works in such way that the expenses can be spread out.
So talk to us. Call or email for an obligation free discussion about your ideas and what plans you have.